Kitchen Refurbishment

Kitchens don’t last forever, but parts of them can last for a very long time indeed. In many cases the units themselves can last for decades before they need replacing, so paying out full whack for an entirely new fitted kitchen is often an unnecessary extravagance. The kitchen cupboard doors, drawer fronts and other superficial kitchen elements may on the other hand wear out and look dated long before the units do.

So what do you do? Do you replace the whole lot to deal with this cosmetic issue? Doing so can be pricey and involves a considerable amount of upheaval. Thankfully, Kitchen Restoration have an effective and affordable alternative for you.

We specialise in replacing kitchen doors, which are the main focal point of the kitchen and tend to be the first part to show signs of wear and tear. Making your kitchen refurbishment as simple as possible, we help you keep what’s good and the elements of your kitchen that you’ve grown rather fond of, and just replace those parts that need a breath of fresh air! The results can be impressive, and can reinvigorate your kitchen for a just a fraction of the cost of a full remodel.

Before and After Image of Kitchen Doors Refurbishment

Kitchen Restoration – The kitchen refurbishment pros

Whether your kitchen’s looking tired and worn out, or your just tired of the outdated look of it, our experts at Kitchen Restoration work with you to create a new design aesthetic that suits your style, your personality and your budget. We’ve got a large selection of kitchen doors to choose from, in a wide spectrum of colours, designs and materials. So whether you’re looking for a modern feel, something quirky or you’re a kitchen traditionalist, you can find what suits you.

Simply changing the kitchen cupboard doors can make a huge difference, but we also offer much more as part of our kitchen refurbishment service. How about a new worktop? A stainless steel sink? Maybe an additional unit or some shelves to make some much sought-after extra space? Whatever it is, we can fit it, giving any newly refurbished kitchen the ‘wow!’ factor.

Operating from our large factory in the Midlands we serve most of the UK, including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Southampton. And if you need it done quickly, we offer a five-day express service. Call us today for a friendly chat about your kitchen refurbishment needs.

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Why choose us?

  • Over 400 style and colour combinations
  • Hand made and individually tailored to your kitchen
  • Installed in as little as a day by our own skilled craftsmen
  • Nationwide planning and design service in the comfort of your own home
  • The complete service – all the finishing touches to complete your dream kitchen