Spoilt for choice with kitchen cupboard doors in lots of styles and designs

  • 15th August, 2013
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

If you want to give your kitchen a bit of an upgrade and replace your existing kitchen doors with something a bit more ‘now’, there’s never been a better time to do it. With a huge range of styles and designs available to suit every preference, finding something to fit your lifestyle, your taste and your budget is a doddle.

Thanks to the huge variety of colours and finishes available for replacement kitchen doors, you can mix and match, too. So going for an ultra- stylish look with an underlying rustic kitchen feel is entirely possible. Finally, you can hang those strings of decorative garlic bulbs above your kitchen island counter and they won’t look out of place!

Stylish and modern

If you love the swish contemporary look that’s so in right now (black marble, anyone?) selecting an ultra-modern range that reflects contemporary tastes is the way to go. So by choosing certain colours and styles to achieve this look – like red and black or fresh white and stainless steel –  it’s perfectly possible to go for a contemporary theme without the risk of it dating in a few years.

The trick is to go for timeless colours that are always in fashion – they’ll give your kitchen a classy, contemporary theme. A word of caution when opting for black, though. If your kitchen is a bit on the small size then black may not be the best option, as it will make it look a tad on the dark and dingy side. However, in a large and airy kitchen black, coupled with stainless steel appliances, can make your kitchen look as good as any showroom display. For smaller kitchens needing that contemporary update, go for lighter, airier colours like white, apple green or really pale blue. Even some types of light-coloured wood like pine can really work well.

The country kitchen

If you’ve ever poured wistfully over the pages of Country Living Magazine and wished that your own kitchen was as rustic and full of character as the kitchens featured, it may not be such a pipedream after all. You don’t need a huge flagstone kitchen floor in a period house to create a country kitchen, or bread ovens and beams. It’s all about good quality wood for your kitchen cupboard doors that looks good with the rest of the house and has the ‘wow’ factor. Go for rich mahogany or timeless oak set off with some rustically-styled accessories to really give it that country kitchen feel.

Timeless classic

If you want a neutral look that just doesn’t date and that won’t clash with the rest of the house, you can’t go wrong with a classic kitchen theme in muted, calm shades. The laminate door classic range comes in neutral shades such as white ash, maple or cream and can look quietly elegant and work with any size kitchen, big or small.

Elegant and stylish

Finally, if you really want to up the ante without going overboard, choosing from a top-notch elegant range of kitchen cupboard doors in the Oxford or Kensington themes, along with new worktops and sink surfaces – if the budget allows – can radically transform an otherwise bland kitchen. The Kensington range in particular is available in several beautiful kitchen door styles such as cathedral arch or shaker, so for the ultimate elegant look go for simple sophistication with a stylish twist.

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