Specialist Kitchen Design Advice to Inspire

  • 15th June, 2013
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

Does your kitchen need a facelift but you’re stuck for ideas? Maybe you want to make the most of your current kitchen but without the cost of a total re-plan or extension. When times are tight, it’s understandable that you should want more for your money. But with a kitchen makeover and over 400 different styles to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice, not worried about the costs.

It’s surprising how affordable a kitchen refurbishment actually is, without the need for a complete kitchen refit. And if you’re worried that the size of your kitchen will hold you back in terms of design and style, you can put your mind at rest. Custom made kitchen doors are made to measure for any size kitchen, and often making simple changes can really help you make the most of your kitchen regardless of its size. Here are our top tips to help you do just that.

Make the most of kitchen space

If you happen to have a small kitchen, not only will made-to-measure cupboard doors make everything easier in terms of fit and space, but investing in some innovative storage solutions can help create more space in your kitchen, especially if it’s lacking worktop space. Hideaway appliances hidden behind well fitting kitchen cupboard doors can make the space look both neater and tidier. It will also give you more room to move around in, essential if you’re cooking a large meal and need to use the whole kitchen.

Getting the colour scheme right can make the smallest of kitchens look bright and airy, so be sure to opt for kitchen cupboard doors in light, fresh shades or pale wood finishes.

Worktop space custom-made, whatever your size kitchen

Do you do a lot of home cooking? Then hard-wearing worktop space will be essential for you and your family. Choosing the right type for you is important. Larger kitchens will have more visible worktop space, whereas worktop surfaces in smaller kitchens tends to get taken up with counter-top appliances like kettles, coffee machines and microwaves.

So for those with visible worktop surfaces, choosing a style that looks good as well as one that lasts for years will play a large factor. At the same time, you won’t want to invest in a stylish worktop surface for a smaller kitchen if it’s hidden under all the appliances.

Choose a colour scheme that will last for long time to come

Whilst it’s fun to splash out on bright colours and on-trend designs, anything too daring is at risk of looking out of date really quickly. Remember that sixties-style orange and olive patterned wallpaper and those garish floral tiles you ripped out when you first moved in? There’s a reason you don’t want to remember them! Instead, opt for subtle colours that reflect your own tastes. Remember the maxim, less is more.

Finishing touches

For the final stage of your kitchen make over, choose some useful yet stylish accessories for the final piece of the kitchen makeover jigsaw. Adding extra shelving can create more space in your cupboards and on worktops, and you might even want to use a shelf or two to show off your favourite ornaments, like that crystal vase or a set of collectible plates. You might also want to consider investing in some attractive storage containers for things like pasta, rice, tea and coffee that won’t look out of place on display.

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