Save Thousands of Pounds – A new look at a fraction of the cost

  • 17th July, 2013
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

Worktops, new kitchen layouts, brand new kitchen appliances, new light fittings. Is creating a new kitchen from scratch really worth the hassle and expense? Why spend more than is necessary when you can create the same effect at a fraction of the price? So rather than ripping out an entire kitchen and starting again, a kitchen makeover may just be the cost effective solution that’s needed.

Kitchen start-overs v kitchen makeovers

Designing and installing an entirely new kitchen is a costly business. Whether it’s a new layout you’re after or you’re looking to add an extension, ripping up your beloved kitchen and starting again with a host of new appliances and kitchen units isn’t everybody’s idea of fun, and it’s not too kind on the wallet either.

But with a kitchen makeover, you work with what you’ve got. Existing appliances and kitchen units stay firmly in place: you just need to focus on an image revamp of new kitchen cupboard doors, a new colour scheme and a new, overall look. Will it be timeless and classic? Contemporary and stylish? Or maybe you want to give your kitchen the rustic country kitchen look. The choice is yours.

Time and upheaval

Of course, installing an entirely new kitchen isn’t just expensive on your wallet, it’s expensive on your time and space, too. Whereas kitchen makeovers can take up to as little as six days from start to finish (five to create the custom-made doors and drawers and one to actually install the new designs), having a new kitchen put in can cause weeks of upheaval and add to your day-to-day stress level. Not ideal, considering the kitchen is the most frequented room of the house.

Experienced craftsmen

Unlike installing a brand new kitchen, which often requires additional payments to designers, surveyors and those installing the new units, a kitchen refurbishment service covers all your needs at no extra cost. Measurements will be taken, designs can be discussed with industry specialists and experienced craftsmen can custom-make your kitchen cupboard doors, drawers and even worktops entirely to your specification and requirements. And if you’re wanting to add that extra something to your cupboard doors, like a stylish curve cut into the veneer or a slightly more ornate drawer handle, then you can simply include it in the design and it’s done, giving your kitchen that unique final flourish.

Don’t be afraid to cut corners

Cutting corners shouldn’t be about cheating, nor should it be about doing things ‘on the cheap’. Making the most of existing space and incorporating what you’ve already got can be a huge money saver. If you’re going down the kitchen makeover route, there’s no need to throw out perfectly good appliances for the sake of it and there is certainly no need to redesign and recreate kitchen units. Instead, choose from a huge range of kitchen cupboard doors and revamp your kitchen unit space using designs that will fit your lifestyle, your needs and your budget.