Replacing your kitchen drawers ‘and cupboards too!’

  • 15th December, 2013
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

Replacing an entire kitchen is a big job. It also costs a small fortune, and while a brand new kitchen will undoubtedly add value to your property, the initial expense (and particularly at a time when we’re all still watching the pennies) can be financially crippling.

So, as the style magazines have a habit of saying, the trick is to ‘get the look for less’. If you want a great looking kitchen on a budget then the trick is to refurbish rather than refit, using what you’ve got and bringing some fresh ideas into the mix by replacing kitchen drawers and cupboard doors, rather than ripping everything out and starting again.

Are your units still fit for purpose?

We bet you a week’s wages that if you went into your kitchen right now and closed your eyes, you could tell us exactly where the frying pans are, where you keep the best china plates and where your dried and tinned store cupboard is. So why change for change’s sake? If your units are still fit for purpose then doesn’t it make more sense to keep them in situ and simply replace the frontages? This is what refurbishment is all about – working with what you’ve got to create a bespoke look that gives the illusion of a completely new kitchen. It’s what we like to call ‘smart design’ – combining form and function but minimising waste and cost at the same time.

Not only is it a cheaper alternative to a complete refit, but if you’re concerned about your green credentials it ticks the environmental box too. A refurbishment where you replace the cupboard doors and drawer fronts means that there’s far less waste heading off to an already over-stretched landfill site. Most old doors can be recycled too, so in fact a refurbishment means that hardly any waste is produced.

A small budget with big ideas

A refurbishment that consists of replacement cupboard doors gives you a bespoke finish on a budget. But to achieve that it’s important to ensure that the design, preparation and construction are done properly. We’re not just talking about ‘slapping on a few new doors’ here. We’re talking about bespoke design, hand-made doors and drawers that are then fitted by expert installers with years of experience in creating dazzling kitchens. So perhaps a bespoke refurbishment may cost a few pounds more than picking up a few generic doors from your local DIY store and fitting them yourself, but the result you can achieve will rival any full refit, and at a fraction of that cost in both time and money.

Fitting new cupboard doors and drawers is the smart, post-recession way to add a touch of glamour to your home without breaking the bank. And (going back to our very first point) if you’re putting your house on the market, it also means that you’ll have a greater chance of selling your property quickly without having to pay out for a major refit beforehand. Good quality kitchens sell homes, so spending a little money fitting bespoke kitchen cupboard doors and drawers could mean a quicker completion and higher sale price for your home.