Replacing Old Looking Kitchen Doors – a quick guide

  • 18th December, 2013
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

That’s it. You can’t stand it any more. The peeling laminate, the tarnished handles – either the kitchen goes or you do! But before you make any rash, life-changing decisions or spend an absolute fortune on a complete new kitchen, take heart. There is a solution that will cost you less, won’t cause as much chaos and upheaval as a refit and will probably stop divorce proceedings in their tracks by handing the job over to the professionals. It’s kitchen refurbishment, it’s simple and right now it’s the on-trend way to get a great looking kitchen for less. Here’s our step-by-step guide to replacing old, tired looking kitchen doors.

Step 1 – work with what you’ve got

A refurbishment works with what you’ve already got. The doors may look tired and tatty, but the actual units themselves are perfectly serviceable. Besides, you know where everything is, why go changing things that work? So decide just how far you want your refurbishment to go – whether that’s a couple of doors or a complete refurbishment. If you’re choosing a partial refurbishment, then make sure what you’re planning fits in with what you’ve already got. And that’s where point number two comes in…

Step 2 – get a designer in

Are you planning to change just the cupboard and drawer fronts, or would a new work surface really tie the whole look into place? Black granite with clean retro lines, or a traditional Shaker style look? Kitchen design is so much more than just popping down the DIY superstore to ‘get some ideas’. Form has to balance with functionality, and you’ve still got to ensure that the design you choose is reflective of your personality. The kitchen is the heart of the home. So take your time and get the advice of a professional, too. Not only will they be able to suggest ideas that you might not have thought of if left to your own devices, but they can also rein you in if your ideas get a little too outlandish!

Step 3 – go bespoke

While generic, off-the-shelf kitchen cupboard doors may be cheaper, we can practically guarantee that even if you’ve got the most bog-standard kitchen in the world, those generic doors won’t fit properly. It may be a matter of a millimeter or two, but no kitchen is ever ‘ordinary’ or ‘average’. So to get a truly designer look, you have to go bespoke. Yes, it may cost a bit more, but you can be absolutely certain that the end result will be stunning and unique to you.

Step 4 – don’t forget the details

The devil really is in the detail, so don’t forget the little things. What type of handle do you want? Do you want soft-touch closing? Recessed hinges? Or are ornate hangers going to be a feature of your overall look? Every tiny detail matters, and it can be something as simple as the right choice of handle that brings the whole look together.

Step 5 – hand the whole job over to the professionals

We’d love to say that anyone can do a refurbishment, but the truth is that unless you’re experienced and actually rather good at carpentry and DIY, it really is a job that’s best left to the professionals. The beauty with a refurbishment, though, is that instead of the weeks that a full refit can take, a refurbishment in the hands of the experts will take a couple of days at most. You’ll end up with perfect results, a glamorous looking kitchen that costs a fraction of the price of a refit, and with minimum fuss and upheaval. And if that doesn’t tick all the boxes then we don’t know what will…

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