Replacing Old Kitchen Doors with New Ones – A fraction of the cost of refits

  • 25th November, 2014
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

Kitchen-Door-ManufacturingThe cost of having your kitchen refitted can easily run into thousands of pounds. In addition there’s a lot of time and inconvenience to factor in. Your existing units will have to be ripped out, the room re-measured and the new units built in. While all that’s going on, your kitchen will be reduced to its most basic functions – if you’re allowed in there at all! In addition to paying for labour and the cost of materials, you’ll probably be looking at a significant period of time eating microwave meals and take-outs. If your washing machine lives in the kitchen, you may well find that you’re incurring extra expense at the local Laundrette too. However, there is an alternative solution that will cut both time and money, and get you back into your kitchen in days, not weeks.

Cutting the cost in time and money

The chances are that the culprits responsible for making your kitchen look less than its best are the cupboard doors. These take up the greatest surface area in your kitchen and are the items that bear the brunt of daily life in your culinary headquarters. Stains, dents, scratches and fingerprints – if they’re going to show up anywhere, it’ll be on your kitchen cupboard doors! However, rather than opting for a refit, why not simply replace the old ones with new ones? By making that decision you’ve already cut the financial cost, and if you’re experienced with DIY, the chances are that you can do it yourself. No workmen, minimal inconvenience and at a fraction of the cost! But if you’re less than experienced in DIY or just have no confidence in your abilities, call in the experts.

Why use a kitchen refurbishment company?

Some people make the mistake of going to DIY stores and looking for clearance doors. The problem with this is that even if you’re buying doors designed for your kitchen units, you may find that they don’t fit. The reason is that over time, the shape of the units can often change. Changes of temperature, water absorption and even the odd knock can all alter the dimensions of a unit to the point where they won’t truly accommodate a new door.

A far better option is to go to a kitchen refurbishment company, who will make new doors that will fit even the most awkward cupboard space. In addition, rather than simply upgrading to a cleaner version of your old doors, you can take the opportunity to completely change the colour scheme and even the style of your kitchen! Where manufacturers deal in a limited range of styles, refurbishment companies have a much wider selection available. Whether you enjoy the contemporary feel of stainless steel, the rustic charm of natural wood, or bold, make-a-statement colours: a refurbishment company is sure to have something to suit both your home and your personal taste.

Refitting your kitchen can easily run up a bill worth thousands of pounds. For a fraction of the cost, you can restyle your kitchen and give it that just-installed look, without having to suffer the inconvenience associated with a complete refit. If you’ve just moved into a new home, every penny counts, so it’s worth spending as wisely as possible.