Replacing Kitchen Doors in your New Home can Transform your New Purchase

  • 10th December, 2014
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

Kitchen Doors Being FittedWhilst the kitchen is certainly the most important room in the home, it can also be the one in which you spend the most money! If you’ve moved into a new home and have discovered that the pristine kitchen you saw on your second or third viewing isn’t quite as spectacular as you remembered it, you might be considering shelling out to make things as you want them. However, the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a kitchen that looks like it’s just been created!

Minimise the inconvenience

The simplest and most instantly-impactive answer is to simply replace your kitchen cupboard doors. Combined, these represent the greatest surface area in your culinary headquarters, and as a result are the things that are most likely to let your kitchen down. Doors that are tired, dirty, dented or simply won’t hang properly will conspire together to make the whole room look shabby. Simply replacing them cuts right back on expense and minimises the inconvenience of having a new kitchen put in. On top of that, it’s something you can do yourself, or hand over to the experts.

Steps to replacing your doors

If you’re thinking of replacing your kitchen doors, the first thing you’ll need to do is decide what you’re going to replace them with. Using a refurbishment company gives you far more freedom than going back to the original manufacturers, who will have a limited range of choices, or may have gone out of business entirely! By contrast, a refurbishment company will have a broad selection of colours, styles and materials. Whether you like the contemporary feel, want a ‘traditional’ country kitchen or prefer the rustic charm of shabby chic, you can choose exactly how you want your kitchen to look.

The other advantage to replacing doors is that refurbishment companies will make to measure, so you can commission doors specifically for those quirky corners that may not be covered. Make sure you measure each space at least twice, just to ensure that what you get is what you need!

Screw it up!

In addition, you should check the hinges on your old doors. Are they working properly? Have they been aligned correctly? Even the most beautiful, new kitchen door won’t achieve its full potential if it isn’t hanging straight! If any of your hinges are worn out, it’s a simple matter to buy new ones.

In theory, most of your original hinges should remain fixed to the units, leaving you free to simply align them with the door, drill pilot holes for the screws and screw them on. If you are realigning a door, use a spirit level to ensure that your doors are straight and true.

You don’t have to invest in a whole new kitchen in order to have one that looks like it’s just been put in. By focusing on the most impactive aspect of your kitchen, you can achieve that brand-new look, spending just a fraction of the money you would on a refit!