Refurbish your Kitchen at a Fraction of the Cost

  • 17th July, 2013
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

Everyone is looking at ways to save money at the moment. Household budgets are squeezed as tightly as they will go and families are counting the pennies and getting as much as they can from every single one. But a time of tight financial belts shouldn’t mean that when things need repairing or rooms need refurbishing, you’re left having to put up with ‘shabby’ but not exactly ‘chic’.

In fact, a kitchen refurbishment is the ideal solution for anyone who needs a kitchen makeover but can’t justify the expense of splashing out on an entirely new kitchen. By working with existing kitchen units and really making the most of what you’ve got already, you’d be surprised at the difference it makes. Think of Changing Rooms with Carole Smiley (remember her?) but without quite so much – or indeed any –  MDF.

Working to a budget and utilising what you already have without skimping on quality is what it’s all about. Think of an old chair that’s past its best in terms of style and design and the difference it makes getting it reupholstered in new fabric and giving the wood a lick of paint or a varnish. It’s no different with kitchens. You can transform the look of even the most tired looking kitchen with a little imagination and a limited budget.

Freshen up the walls with new paint

Talking of a fresh lick of paint, repainting the kitchen walls in a brand new colour can give your kitchen an instant lift.

Ditch that old fashioned wallpaper or those chipped kitchen tiles and go for a stylish shade for your kitchen walls. Stay away from being too brave with your colour choices though, orange tango may be in for one season but it’s likely to date pretty quickly, if not immediately.

Remember to tile over the sink area to keep it waterproof, too. If you love your patterns, why not alternate between plain and patterned tiles? It keeps costs down and it won’t look too pattern-crowded either.

Upgrade kitchen cupboard doors

Kensington kitchen rangeEven upgrading your kitchen cupboards can give a whole new lease of life to your kitchen. As kitchen cupboards make up the majority of space in the kitchen, well-chosen cupboard doors can transform the most tired and tatty of kitchens into something all-together more upbeat and stylish.



Kitchen appliances can be hidden behind cupboard doors too, so door upgrades are a sure-fire way of achieving an instant kitchen make over.

Consider rearranging easy-to-move kitchen furniture

It works in the lounge or dining room so why not in the kitchen too? If you have a free-standing fridge or dishwasher, trying swapping them around to see if it’s a better use of space. Move the kitchen table to a different section of the room, re-shuffle some cupboard contents. Sometimes even the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference.

Lighting – the finishing touch

Installing entirely new light fittings can be unnecessarily expensive, but sourcing some new lampshades or new, brighter bulbs can add extra sparkle to your kitchen. These days, you can easily get much brighter and cheerier bulbs that are still energy-saving, so you ultimately save money too.

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