Professional Fitted Replacement Kitchen Doors and Drawers

  • 17th July, 2013
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

Are your kitchen cupboard doors and drawers in serious need of an upgrade? Are they falling apart at the hinges, or have you just had them too long and have now decided it’s time for a change?

Whilst it may be tempting to go out to your nearest kitchen supplier and load your trolley with replacement ready-made doors and drawers, it may not be the best option. Buying ready-made doors is not only a risk in terms of getting the right fit, but sourcing them this way often means you’ll have to install them yourself, which is quite a feat if you have a big kitchen with lots of kitchen units – and limited DIY experience.

Instead, an easier and all together much more convenient option is to go down the bespoke route – choosing a design from a variety of styles and materials and getting your kitchen doors custom made to fit your kitchen. It’s stress-free, easy and ensures that the doors and drawers will be exactly the right size for your kitchen units.

Bespoke and custom made

Made to measure kitchen cupboard doors are the ideal option for anyone who has a kitchen which doesn’t exactly fit into the ‘average’ category. And let’s face it, which kitchen does? If you’re lucky enough to live in an old country cottage, your traditional kitchen is certainly not going to be of average dimensions and finding mass-produced doors to fit your rustic kitchen units is going to be a real challenge.

For those whose kitchens have been previously extended or fitted several years ago, measurements are going to be as varied as they come. Going for a custom-made design ensures that whatever the measurements, your replacement doors will be in your chosen colour, material, style and of course, fit.

What’s more, expert fitters will do all the hard work for you. After visiting your home to give you specialist advice and show you some samples, they’ll take measurements of all your kitchen units and will then work out a schedule of when your designs can be produced and crafted and ultimately fitted into your home.

Kitchen Fitter Fitting Kitchen Doors

A huge variety of materials 

From solid wood to laminates, choosing replacement kitchen doors that are tailor-made to your requirements has never been easier. Solid woods such as oak, mahogany or maple add a rustic touch to a kitchen and look both elegant and sophisticated, whereas going for painted wood in a high gloss can make your kitchen look ultra-modern and chic. Alternatively, vinyl-covered doors in a variety of wood effects add a layer of protection and durability, ideal if your kitchen furniture tends to get bashed around by young children or family pets.

Time saving and affordable

Unlike going for an entire kitchen refit, choosing instead to replace your kitchen doors by an expert fitter is an all-round convenient option. When you consider all the costs involved of installing an entire new kitchen in terms of independent surveyors, designers, new appliances, worktops and new expansions as well as the stress and upheaval involved, why would anyone not opt for the less intrusive option? Replacing kitchen doors and drawers can be done at a fraction of the price and in terms of turnaround times, the majority of replacement door fittings can take as little as six days from manufacture to installation.