Manufacturers of Kitchen Doors offer ‘Precise’ – Bespoke Kitchen Doors

  • 21st April, 2014
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

Replacing your kitchen cupboard doors can be a cost-effective and striking way to give a facelift to even the most tattered of kitchens. Your unit doors tell the tales of all the spilled sauces, dropped utensils and muddy-handed children that have passed through your culinary empire. Make the decision to replace those lop-sided, battered doors and you could be looking at what looks like a new kitchen in less than a day.

Where do you get your doors?

However, once you’ve made the decision to go ahead, the next question is – where do you get the doors from? If your kitchen was bought from a DIY store or is one of those mass-produced kitchen sets, then the obvious answer would seem to go back to the manufacturers that sold it to you. They offer doors that are made to fit the kitchen you’ve installed – so where else would you go? On top of that, if you’re fond of your kitchen’s colour scheme or design, then you can simply replace the doors with ones that look the same.

On the face of it, it’s a no-brainer: manufacturers make doors that are designed to fit what you’ve already got. However, there is something else to take into consideration.

Time and wear and tear

Once you’ve installed kitchen units, it’s not quite the end of the story. Your kitchen is home to fluctuating temperatures and tends to be the place where most spillages happen; sauces, hot water and other liquids tend to find themselves splashed around in even the most conscientious cook’s cooking environment. As a result, your kitchen units can change both shape and size, even if they’re ‘bog-standard’, off-the-shelf flat pack units from your local DIY shop. High temperatures can dry them out and cause them to shrink, and spillages that get into the cupboard frame can cause warping. These changes may only be a matter of millimetres, but they can make a significant difference when it comes to replacing your cupboard doors. The precisely-made door that ought to fit the cupboard it was designed for suddenly doesn’t look quite as good as it should!

The choice is yours

If you’re thinking of replacing your kitchen cupboard doors – even in a mass-produced kitchen – you can cover all these eventualities by looking for a good refurbishment company. Because they manufacture in-house, they can make bespoke kitchen doors according to your precise measurements and create doors that will perfectly fit all those quirks that have developed over the years. In addition, you’re not confined to the styles and designs offered by the original manufacturer. Your tastes may have changed or you may find that that particular product range has ended. Using a refurbishment company means that you can start with a blank slate and explore a huge range of colours, styles, materials and finishes. For those of you who like to keep an eye on your carbon footprint, you can even use materials from sustainable sources.

While going back to the original manufacturer might seem like the one-stop solution you’re looking for, a refurbishment company will give you the opportunity to give your kitchen your own, personal stamp, whilst adding style and value to your home.