Manufacturers of Kitchen Doors – Go to a supplier who actually makes them!

  • 29th October, 2013
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

So you’ve made the smart choice and decided to go for a kitchen refurbishment rather than a complete refit. It’s cheaper, it’s less time consuming and there’ll be far less upheaval. Besides, you’ve got a hammer, a screwdriver and your inner DIY expert is just begging to be unleashed on your kitchen, right?

Stop right there. Are you sure you’re up to the job? And what’s more, are you sure that those generic, ‘same as everyone else has’ doors you bought from the DIY store will actually fit? These days, most kitchen cupboard doors you buy off the shelf are designed to fit the ‘average’ kitchen with ‘average’ dimensions.

Well, we’re hear to tell you right now that there’s no such thing as ‘average’ when it comes to kitchen cupboard doors. Why? Because as generic as your kitchen units may be, they’re unique to your particular kitchen, even if it’s by a millimeter or two at most.

What’s the solution?

The answer is to talk to a kitchen refurbishment company that actually manufactures its own doors to bespoke measurements. So basically, what this means is that,

just as if you were replacing the entire kitchen, a bespoke kitchen cupboard door manufacturer will start by coming to your house and measuring up.

Over the years units can warp, shrink or generally flex, especially when you consider how much higher the heat and humidity level in a kitchen is compared to other parts of your house. So that in turn will have a knock-on effect on the sizes of the units, again perhaps by a fraction of a millimeter. But if the door you put on isn’t exactly the right size, it will never hang properly and you will never achieve that truly bespoke kitchen look you want.

Once the company has the exact sizes of your kitchen units, they can then go back to their own workshop and create individual doors that are specifically designed to fit into your kitchen, and nobody else’s. It may cost you a little bit more than the off-the-shelf option available at your local DIY superstore, but the end results are certainly worth the extra effort.

Plenty of options

Kitchen refurbishment companies that also manufacture their own doors can also offer you more in the way of options, too. From solid wood to contemporary glass and steel, traditional Shaker style or ultra-chic minimalist, they can even help you decide on the finer details such as what type of handle to fit, whether you want exposed or recessed hinges or soft-touch closing.

All of this variety is only possible if you approach the job with a ‘bespoke’ attitude. By spending a little more time on the design, the construction and the fitting, you can achieve a far superior look to a generic design that can be seen in a thousand other kitchens up and down the country. And by choosing a company that actually manufactures the doors themselves, you are going straight to the source as it were, giving you the reassurance that you’re dealing with craftsmen and women, rather than just a company who can ‘slap a couple of doors on for you’. It’s your money. Which would you prefer?

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