Making your Kitchen look Modern – Doors and Drawer Fronts

  • 8th April, 2014
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

Choosing the right kitchen door and drawer fronts can set the aesthetic tone for your entire kitchen. Your door and drawer fronts occupy the greatest surface area in your kitchen and, if you choose well, you can give your kitchen a modern feel but without having to break the bank. Simply replacing those fronts can add your own personal stamp to your surroundings at a fraction of the cost of installing a new kitchen. But, if you’re going for the modern look, which are the best materials to use?

Knowing your woods from your veneers

In addition to looking the part, you want your doors and drawers to be durable. These are the kitchen surfaces that show up spills and dings the quickest and, if you’re not careful, your modern kitchen could lose its sheen very quickly. Kitchen refurbishment companies offer doors and drawers in a variety of styles and colours, giving you the opportunity to transform your culinary headquarters into something chic and sleek. However, knowing your woods from your veneers can help you decide which choice best suits you and your surroundings.

Modern materials

1)     Laminate is made from multiple layers of paper that are saturated in plastic resin and then compressed at high heat to produce a single sheet of material. These sheets are then bonded to substrates made of plywood, fibre-board or particle board. These substrates give the final product its strength, while the resin-soaked paper gives the product its durability. Laminates are available in a huge range of stylish colours.

However, while laminate is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective materials you can buy, the downside is that it can be easily chipped and hard to repair.

2)     Wrapped veneers also offer colour and minimalist design. In essence, these are low-grade woods wrapped in a tough veneer. Although not as cheap as laminate, these are more robust and virtually maintenance-free.

3)     While natural wood might not be your first thought when it comes to creating a modern look in your kitchen, there are doors and drawers available in a variety of finishes and minimalist, modern designs. Natural wood can imbue deep, warm tones to a kitchen. However, if you opt for darker woods such as mahogany or cherry, you’ll find that you can give your kitchen a modern twist by using classic materials in interesting ways.

4)     Stainless steel is for those who want a supremely modern kitchen. However, this material has to be used wisely or your modern kitchen can end up looking like the backdrop to a low-budget science fiction film! But if used with care, thought and combined with other materials, stainless steel can add a modern slant to a kitchen of any size.

5)     Glass might not seem practical, but there are ranges of toughened glass designed specifically for doors and drawers. Some are tinted, while others are unsparingly clear – so you need to be sure that your cupboards and drawers are in order! Glass is one of the materials being reinvestigated by the designer world and definitely one to be considered if you’re looking for that 21st Century feel.