Kitchen Planning Advice

  • 28th February, 2013
  • Published by kaweb

Good planning is at the heart of every good kitchen design that successfully fulfils its purpose. What’s more, planning it out properly beforehand can mean that it costs you less.

The first thing to consider is whether you really need to strip out the whole kitchen, units and all, or whether you would be better off having it refurbished.

Are you planning a new kitchen, or a revitalised one?

On the one hand, if your kitchen is a liability rather than a pleasure, and you want to dramatically alter the layout and functionality of your kitchen then a replacement may be the only real option. Replacing your kitchen can also add significant resale value to your home. But from another perspective, it is also the more expensive option, and that level of investment is not always entirely necessary.

Aside from the high cost, there’s also the time factor to consider. Stripping out the existing units and fittings is not a quick job, and can take weeks to complete. In many cases, it’s not the units themselves that were the problem in the first place. As well as making new units an unnecessary expense, this can be highly wasteful and environmentally unfriendly if the old ones still had years of life left in them.

Kitchen refurbishment – An affordable alternative?

Today, an increasing amount of people are considering an alternative to stripping out and starting again during the planning stages of their kitchen redesign. Refurbishment is by far the less wasteful option as it allows the existing units to be reused. This is not only more environmentally friendly, but it is also a good deal less expensive too, and if the units are in a good shape then it can yield just as impressive results as a full remodel.

Refurbishment also means far less disruption to your kitchen and your daily life. While an entirely new kitchen may take weeks to fit, a kitchen refurbishment can be completed in as little as a day.

Of course, a refurbishment may not add as much value to your house, but if you’re not planning on moving out anytime soon that should be only a minor issue. Aside from that, refurbing can give you just as much scope for altering the design of your kitchen and making it look like new again.

Planning a kitchen refurbishment

Though you’ll be reusing your old units and other elements of your existing kitchen, a kitchen refurbishment gives you plenty of opportunity to create a new design aesthetic that the uninitiated will easily mistake for a ‘new’ kitchen. Simply replacing the doors of your kitchen cabinets and the drawer fronts can create an entirely new look, particularly if combined with a new worktop, sink and some of the smaller kitchen appliances.

Planning ahead means choosing what style of kitchen you want, and that’s where you can really let your imagination run wild. Do you want a modern looking kitchen, or would you prefer an Art Deco or retro style design? Maybe you’d prefer a rustic traditional style with wooden kitchen doors (or wood effect)? Whatever you want, planning it out in advance can help to ensure that you get it.

Whether you choose to go for an entirely new kitchen or a refurbishment, in many cases it’s a good idea to hire a professional designer who can work with you to design a kitchen that’s in tune with what you want, but also what is possible within the space available. Happy kitchen planning!

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