Kitchen Cupboard Doors can Simply be Replaced

  • 29th October, 2013
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

How old are your kitchen cupboard doors? Are they starting to look a bit worse for wear around the edges? Have the hinges started to sag and there’s that annoying gap starting to appear along one side?

At this point, despite the fact that the structure of the units are essentially sound, the aesthetics of the kitchen cupboards are starting to let the whole design down. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous that new granite work surface is or how on-trend the checkerboard floor tiles are – if your cupboard doors are less than perfect then the whole effect can be instantly ruined.

Time to replace the whole thing, right?


There’s absolutely no reason why tired-looking kitchen door and drawer fronts should warrant a complete refit from the ground up. There’s a much simpler, quicker and considerably cheaper alternative, and that’s simply replacing the cupboard doors whilst keeping the rest of the unit’s structure intact.

Why change what works?

It can take you years to get your kitchen ‘just so’. You know exactly where everything is, you can close your eyes and put your hands straight on the pasta strainer, the spare mugs for when guests arrive and those weird shaped forks that nobody’s really sure if they’re for cakes or certain types of shellfish. So if you’ve got your kitchen just how you like it, why change what works? But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with tatty worktops or duffed up drawers.

The trick is ‘smart refurbishment’ – keeping what’s still fit for purpose and replacing that which is either no longer doing its job or is looking a bit tired and dated. That usually means replacing the kitchen cupboard doors, which is a simple and straightforward job. By doing this you can instantly transform the look of your kitchen. And we do mean ‘instantly’ – a refurbishment takes just a day or two, rather than weeks to complete: saving you time, money and a whole heap of upheaval.

Keeping the idea of ‘bespoke’

This aside, even a simple job like replacing the cupboard doors needs to be done properly; therefore it’s not a matter of buying some generic doors and hoping they fit. To get a truly bespoke look, you need to hang on to much more than the units – you need to hang on to the idea of ‘bespoke’ design. Even if your kitchen is a standard design, your shelves, cupboards and drawers will differ, sometimes by just a fraction of a millimeter. This has to be taken into account when replacing kitchen doors, otherwise the overall look will be compromised.

So to make absolutely certain that you retain that ‘bespoke’ look then it’s best to hand the job over to the experts. Not only can they help you out with some on-trend design ideas, but their experience in fitting kitchen cupboard doors means that you’ll get the job done right, first time.

So instead of ripping everything out and starting again, make the smart choice and simply replace your old, tired kitchen cupboard doors for some new ones and revive your kitchen for a fraction of the price!

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