How to revamp your old kitchen simply by replacing the kitchen doors

  • 13th March, 2013
  • Published by kaweb

Old fashioned kitchens can look drab, showing signs of wear and tear, and you might think that you need a brand new fitted kitchen to bring your home up to date. Thankfully, that isn’t the case. You can brighten up your old kitchen and give it a complete makeover simply by replacing the kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts.

Do you need a brand new kitchen? Or just a fresh look?

Brand new fitted kitchens are expensive. In the current climate, home improvements are often put ‘on hold’ in case circumstances take a turn for the worse. But if you replace your kitchen doors rather than all the components of the kitchen (perfectly good units, appliances and worktops etc) you’ll completely change the look of the kitchen, and you won’t waste your money on new items that really don’t need replacing.

Why new kitchen doors are a great alternative to a thorough kitchen re-design

Often your cabinets themselves will be in perfectly good condition – it tends to be the doors that take all the stresses and strains of a busy and well-used family kitchen. By replacing just the kitchen doors, you can use the money you’ll save for other purposes. You can make other home improvements, or buy that new oven you really want.

Replacing the doors in your kitchen also takes a fraction of the time needed to build a new kitchen, making new kitchen doors a much quicker and far less disruptive alternative.

Kitchen cabinet doors to complement the style of your home

Kitchens are no longer simply a utilitarian space for cooking and doing the dishes. They are an expression of you, the ‘heart’ of your home, a place to gather with family and friends. Open plan kitchen-dining rooms are increasingly popular, so the kitchen needs to look good as well as perform its function effectively. The vast range of options for new doors, including coloured, gloss, textured, modern and streamlined, rustic and solid ‘country’ style, makes this an easy way to bring a stunning, cohesive design to your entire kitchen space.

How simply replacing your kitchen doors will add value to your home

Old-fashioned, less attractive kitchens have serious competition when you see all the dreamy examples on cookery programs. If you’re thinking of improving your home in order to sell it, bear in mind that giving your kitchen a facelift is a sure-fire way to add value to your home. Among the first things prospective buyers look at are kitchens and bathrooms. If you can make visually appealing improvements there, your home will be much more attractive to them.

Further ideas for kitchen refurbishment

Replacing just the kitchen doors is much more affordable in comparison to buying a new fitted kitchen. Other ideas for improving your kitchen include replacing the worktops, appliances, or accessories – all of which are much more manageable financially when you haven’t had to pay for a whole new kitchen. You get the same stunning results but at a fraction of the price and with minimum disruption to your daily life – what could be better?

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