How much work in a Facelift – for Kitchens!

  • 21st March, 2014
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

One of the main factors – after the potential expense – that puts people off giving their kitchen a facelift is the work involved. Anyone who’s been through having their kitchen renovated knows the misery that can be involved in the process. Suddenly, the room that is the heart of the home is transformed into a building site, the sink doesn’t work, you’re entirely reliant on a microwave or take-outs and there’s no chance to get friends round and entertain. And these aren’t short-term considerations; having extensive work done to your kitchen can result in weeks of living on instant meals. It’s not good for your pocket, your peace of mind – or your waistband!

Start all over again?

However, it is possible to give your kitchen the look you want without having to put yourself through all the associated stresses and strains of living without your kitchen for weeks. The secret is to focus on one aspect of your kitchen and build on what you’ve got, rather than ripping the whole thing out and starting again.

Many people worry because their kitchens aren’t what you might describe as ‘standard’; they may have been extended over time, they may have been tinkered with to fit an unconventional space, there might be a bit of a ‘bodge-job’ or they might be in old houses complete with all those quirks and oddities that render them ‘unique’. These issues can make your options seem limited; going to a kitchen manufacturer isn’t going to cover it as they deal in pre-measured units that don’t always fit a space that refuses to come under the ‘standard’ umbrella.

Keep your kitchen’s character

If you own a kitchen that doesn’t have perfect corners and angles, you might feel that the only way to get it looking good is to start with a clean slate. However, there’s all that work to take into consideration. What might be better is to look at what your kitchen does have to offer and build on that.

Quirky kitchens can be some of the friendliest and ambient environments to cook and entertain in – but ‘quirky’ doesn’t have to mean ‘shabby’. The most prominent feature of your kitchen is probably the kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts. They will tell stories about your lifestyle through the dents, stains and squeaky hinges. If you need to focus on one aspect of your kitchen to improve, there’s no more feature with greater instant impact than your cupboard doors and drawers.

Change your drawers!

Going to a refurbishment company will give you access to a huge range of styles, materials and finishes. You can opt to give your doors and drawers a sleek, chic contemporary facelift or you might choose to go for a more rustic, farmhouse look. Whatever your choice, the beauty of using a refurbishment company is that they can make bespoke kitchen cupboard doors and drawers to fit those cupboards and corners that standard kitchen doors simply won’t.

kitchen drawers and handles

However, the added bonus is that you can get the job done in less than a day and not put your family through weeks of unnecessary inconvenience. In addition, a simple move like doesn’t only drastically improve the way your kitchen looks, but it can also add value to your home – all with the help of a few screws and hinges.