Grand Designs with Grand Materials?

  • 2nd September, 2014
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

Home improvement shows and magazines present us with images of near-perfect dwellings that can make us feel slightly less proud of our own. Achieving the results we see in the media can often seem like the impossible dream. After all, how on earth can we be expected to shell out on some of the luxury materials that are on the market?

Glamour without the price tag

The good news is that you don’t. While it might look like you ought to completely gut your house and start from scratch, there are some much cheaper alternatives that will give you results that are just as fabulous as the ones in those glossy magazines.

The room that suffers most from daily wear and tear has to be the kitchen. Over time, it can become tired and battle scarred; stains and chips telling tales of successful parties or culinary accidents! If you want to give your home a facelift, then this is definitely the place to start, as it will set the standard for the rest of your home renovations.

The surfaces that show the most signs of battle might not be the ones you expect – but they are also the ones that have the largest visual impact on your kitchen. Your kitchen cupboard doors and drawers are used daily and, after the worktops, are the surfaces that bear the biggest brunt of life in a busy kitchen. This might manifest as stains and chips, or doors that don’t hang straight and are difficult to open or close. The best way to make a change is to focus on one aspect of your kitchen – and the doors and drawers are the ones that will make the most difference.

Materials to think about

Replacing doors and drawer fronts is simple and cost effective, but before you go anywhere near your screwdriver you ought to have a think about what you want from your kitchen. There are a variety of materials on offer, so you can achieve that dream kitchen look – but you need to know what would suit the room best.

Country range kitchenCertain houses lend themselves well to having a farmhouse-style kitchen, in which case you might like to buy doors and drawer fronts made from solid wood. Solid wood is durable and aesthetically stunning. However, it does require looking after. So if you’d like something close to that look but that’s easier to maintain, then you might want to consider a veneer.


Modern Kitchen ExampleOther homes are better placed for contemporary style kitchens, which can be achieved by replacing doors with the sleek chic of stainless steel. This is incredibly durable and easy to keep clean. However, if you feel that look might be a bit stark, then there are plenty of coloured doors to choose from.

Glass doors and drawers are becoming increasingly popular, but you need to have fairly well-arranged cupboards to be able to pull this look off. In addition, they might not be suitable for homes with children and pets. Although the glass is toughened and looks fantastic, little hands and paws might prove to be more hazardous in a glassed environment.

You don’t need to shell out to achieve grand designs. The materials used by kitchen cupboard door companies guarantee you a professional-looking finish and their craftsmen can make doors to your exact requirements, so you can add a touch of class to even the quirkiest of corners.