Kitchen Door Fronts – Cupboards and Drawers

  • 18th February, 2014
  • Published by Kitchen Restoration

When you first walk into a kitchen, what is it that you first notice? You might think it’s the oven or the worktops but, in truth, it’s most likely to be the state of the kitchen cupboards and drawers. The best kitchens will have cupboards and drawers that highlight a particular feature of the kitchen, such as the oven or the worktops.

However, while they might be apparently playing second fiddle to other aspects, they are in fact the star of the show. If the fronts to your kitchen cupboards and drawers are in a bit of a state, the rest of the kitchen won’t look its best either – regardless of how top-of-the-range your other features may be.

What happens in your kitchen?

The problem for homeowners is that the cupboards and drawers are the most often used aspects in the kitchen. They are opened and closed each day – often without the care required to ensure their longevity. If there are pets or children in the home, then it’s the doors and drawers that tend to show up signs of grubby fingers and paw prints before anything else. In addition, there are all the drips spills, knocks and dings to consider; while the floor might bear the brunt of kitchen accidents, it tends to show the most on the doors and drawers, unless you attend to them quickly. However, severe knocks will leave dents that are impossible to rectify.

Behind the scenes

It’s not just the front that show signs of wear and tear. Behind the scenes, there are the hinges to consider. Over time, the joints can become worn and even break, under certain circumstances. In addition, the screws that hold the hinges and doors in place can work their way free and you end up with wonky doors.

Replacing you’re the fronts to your doors and drawers can be a cost effective and dynamic way of giving your kitchen a much-needed facelift. However, going back to the original supplier doesn’t always give you the options you need. The problem that affects most people is that the majority of kitchens tend not to fall into the ‘average’ category; a kitchen may have been extended or adapted to fit a particular space.

Old, country-style kitchens are often quirky and have their own unique features. However, the problem facing anyone whose kitchen doesn’t fall under the ‘average’ bracket is that it can be very difficult to find replacement doors and drawers that actually fit.

Reclaim your space

Using a refurbishment company who make doors and drawers is the best way to ensure that your kitchen looks its best. In addition to getting fittings that actually fit, it gives you a huge variety of options in terms of the look, the finish and the materials used. Replacing your doors and drawers gives you a chance to completely reinvent your kitchen’s look. Using natural wood you can create an ambient and stylish space or by using wrapped veneers, you can go for colour and sleek contemporary designs.

Your kitchen drawers and doors are an important part of your kitchen’s presentation; having them replaced can give your kitchen the upgrade it needs – at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole thing.