Cost Effective Kitchen Design Ideas

  • 11th March, 2013
  • Published by kaweb

Today the financial climate continues to bite hard into our pockets, and it often seems that not a day goes by without hearing that one major retailer or another is entering administration. Homeowners too are being deeply affected by the on again-off again-on again recession, and many are putting off work they had long planned doing to their house ‘just in case’ the financial climate takes a turn for the worse.

At the same time though, we’re regularly fed a constant stream of aspirations for perfect homes and ‘dream kitchens’ by glossy magazines and TV makeover shows. Unfortunately many of these ideas, while often impressive and highly desirable, are out of the price range of mere mortal homeowners, and instead live only on the magazines spread on the table in kitchens around the country which are long overdue for a spruce up!

But is your dream kitchen really out of reach, or do you simply need to take a different approach?

Getting what you want at a fraction of the cost

In many cases the grand visions discussed (and seductively photographed) in home design interior magazines give the impression that what you need is to completely gut your existing kitchen and ship in an entirely new setup. But in a society that is often living at the edge of its means, this can be exceedingly wasteful and beyond most people’s limited finances.

Kitchen units are generally built to last for a very long time, and are not made of materials that magically combust or degrade after a few years have passed. So why discard them simply to achieve a new look or to tidy up the place? In many cases the units themselves are absolutely fine, and it’s only the exterior facing kitchen cupboard doors, drawer fronts and other cosmetic elements that need replacing. Even if you’re doing it for style, a lot can be achieved just by replacing the doors and other elements.

Being aware of this fact can not only save you money, it can prevent a fair bit of waste too, so helping the environment as well as your savings account. But just because it’s practical, affordable and environmentally friendly, it doesn’t mean that refurbishing your kitchen can’t be exciting and just a little bit sexy too!

Kitchen refurbishment – doing more with less

Next time you look at the vampish designs in the magazines or on the TV, ask yourself how you could achieve the same look using refurbishment rather than renewal. After all, the main things that are seen are the outer doors and the worktop, while the rest of the unit is just so much space. Could you create the same look at a far lower cost?

If you’re not DIY minded then it can be a daunting proposition to undertake. But if you hire a professional refurbishment company you can get expertise on your side. Many such firms have their own designers and craftsmen so if you’re short of ideas or need a little advice or guidance, they can help you to create the kitchen aesthetic that suits you and your home.

By not spending money unnecessarily on brand new units you can either pocket the money saved and put it towards a much-needed holiday in the sun, or you can spend that money elsewhere and further enhance your kitchen or home. For example, if you had done a full remodel from scratch you would have had less money available to spend on a cooker. By doing a more affordable refurb you can get the model you wanted, not the one that you could afford.

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